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The Only Opinion That Matters
However good the idea sounds. However many family and friends agree. The only true validator is the market itself. It's[...]
What Card Counting Blackjack Taught Me About Doing Business
Only Professionals win Start with a proven approach Focus on the process Manage your money Discipline your thinking Be consistent[...]
People Are No Longer Buying Products And Services
Because products and services are becoming ever more commoditised and automated, they're looking for the ingredient that makes a difference.[...]
Falling On Deaf Ears
As I returned from shopping on Saturday, I got out of the car a felt a strong surge of puzzlement.[...]
Sales ‘Conversion’ or Sales ‘Convergence’?
If you think about sales as a client 'conversion' process, the implication is of a master/servant relationship, with the primary[...]
There Used To Be No Money In –
Playing Video Games The Internet Comic books Coaching Renewable energy Youtube Gardening All these have grown into multi billion dollar[...]
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